When most people think about breast implants, they think about young 20-somethings looking to enhance their appearance. However, women over 40 are deciding to undergo breast augmentation with a different set of concerns than their younger counterparts.
Woman Measures Breast Implants

How Do Breast Implants Affect Mammograms?

Mammograms aren’t particularly pleasant for anybody. That said, women who have breast implants often worry about how it will affect the procedure. Breast implants are placed beneath the chest muscles, separate from the implants. For those with breast implants, inform technicians ahead of time for proper imaging. But generally speaking, breast implants don’t interfere with mammograms.

What About Rupturing?

Although implants tend to have either saline or silicone fillers, all breast implants have an outer shell that encases the filler substance. Most outer shells maintain their structural integrity very well for the first ten years or so. Even though the implant may become weaker over time, outright ruptures are incredibly rare, even under the strain of a mammogram.

You May Need More Than Implants

Older women often undergo breast augmentation surgery to counteract the natural signs of aging, such as sagging or a loss of volume. Unfortunately for older women, a simple augmentation may not be enough to give them the appearance that they want. In some cases, women over 40 have an excess amount of skin in the breast area and a breast lift may need to be done as well.

Can You Breastfeed?

Despite many women passing their days of breastfeeding by age 40, some still have children. But there’s good news: Breast implants typically don’t interfere with breastfeeding. While a small minority of women have difficulty breastfeeding following breast augmentation surgery, the risk is fairly minimal.

Cosmetic surgery is gaining popularity across the board, especially for the over-40 crowd. If you’re thinking of undergoing breast augmentation, be sure and check with your doctor about the potential risks, regardless of your age. For questions regarding breast augmentation procedures or help with scheduling a free consultation at Enhanced Images Medical, please call (704) 295-9099 or fill out the form here. Thanks for reading!

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