You may have noticed a new treatment being offered for fat removal at your local cosmetic clinic. It’s called SmartLipo. While it isn’t exactly “new” (approved 2006), it has been competing with established fat removal procedures, like liposuction. When SmartLipo first hit the market, it caused quite a stir in the plastic surgery industry. It hasn’t yet achieved the monumental success that many predicted, but it slowly and surely has proved its advantages. Plastic surgery practices offer the procedure along with other body contouring treatments, to rid troublesome pockets of fat.

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SmartLipo: The Treatment

SmartLipo is one of the least invasive procedures for fat removal on the market. Physicians apply local anesthetic to the targeted area, instead of general anesthetic (as in liposuction). This means that patients can walk out of the clinic immediately after their treatment, giving way to the nickname, “lunch hour liposuction”. A small tube, called a cannula, is inserted under the skin in the targeted area. A laser fiber, attached to the cannula, liquefies the fat cells and break down their cell walls. The fat then naturally passes from the body naturally. For larger areas, some suction may be necessary to remove all of the fat. However, you should reconsider getting SmartLipo for large amounts of fat removal.

Scarring, if any, is barely noticeable (about the same size as the scar left by a needle). In addition, most experience little to no bleeding or bruising, unlike more-invasive procedures. Treatment takes less than an hour, so most can return to regular activities within a day or two. SmartLipo is just one of a whole range of treatments for fat removal that plastic surgeons are currently offering. For more information on SmartLipo treatment, please call Enhanced Images Medical at (704) 295-9099 or complete the form here.

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