Scar Treatment

Scar treatments for reduction of the scar appearance including Microneedling or Dry Needling with Dermapen, Fraxel or CO2 Laser, and Full Scar Revision

After full assessment of the scar our licensed practitioner will recommend an appropriate scar treatment. A series of combined scar treatment options may be recommended during your consultation,

Results of the Scar Treatments:

  • Relaxing tight restrictive scars
  • Softening hard scars
  • Normalize sensitive scar tissue
  • Naturally repigment white scars
  • Normalize red/pink scar tissue
  • Smooth and fill loose and thin tissue scars
  • Smooth and fill sunken and acne scars
  • Soften and flatten raised hypertrophic and in-active keloid scars


Flat, loose and sunken scars – Can be treated after 3 months.

Raised scars – Can be treated after 12 months (hypertrophic and inactive keloid scars)

Old scars – There is no time limit to scars responding to treatment, so 10+ year old scars can still be improved

Freshly healed wounds – Preventative methods are used: Scar Gel and and Hydroquinone 4% to insure the best outcome

Expected results for scars

Stretch and loose scars – Microneedling & Laser treatments causes new collagen growth to this thinned and stretched tissue, helping to create firmer skin

Mis-coloured scar tissue – Purple and brown scars achieve a more natural tone, white scars begin to naturally repigment.   No pigment is used, shades of brown and red scars are allowed to gently re-heal, and pigmentation cells usually return to normal action

Relaxation of tight scar tissue –Microneedling scar treatment breaks up the fibres of tight scar tissue allowing a much larger range of movement. This treatment has been exceptionally successful on scars caused by burns and operations

Atrophic and Hypertropic scars are smoothed –Skin Needling breaks up the fibrous scar tissue, so new collagen growth can smooth and repair the damaged skin

Active and Inactive Keloid Scars – Active keloid scars cannot be treated. Inactive keloid scars can be treated with casion. Not all raised scars are keloid.  Active keloid scars grow, cause pain, itching and numbness. Inactive keloid scars do not grow and their colour is pinkish or normal skin color.Steroid injection may be required to prevent further keloid formation in the scar.

Laser vs Microneedling

Laser is essentially a liquid burn of the lower layers of skin.  Laser can firm thin and loose tissue scars and remove the surface layers of a raised scar, but Dry Microneedling will always break up tight and hard scar tissue in a far more gentle manner, with less trauma and less aftercare of damaged laser burnt skin.

Dermapen Microneedling causes and breaks down collagen from the surface to the deep layers,  so new melanin cells are also formed, meaning the return of natural pigmentation to the area.  With laser there will be no return of melanin pigmentation to the area, so the mark will remain mis-coloured or light and shiny.

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by Ksenia P on Enhanced Imges Medical

Great experience with Nina! Always very professional and knowledgeable on all skin care inquiries and wellness in general. I trust my skin to Nina. Friendly staff. Variety of services including laser and Venus is just awesome. Thank you!

Very thorough! I have had a couple consultations at other businesses, but this place surpassedall others. Wouldn't recommend any other place. I am even driving 2 hours to get there.

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