Face Lift & Neck Lift

Our patients very frequently request facial rejuvenation, a Facial rejuvenation is complex and every patient represents a completely different set of goals. The goals of facial rejuvenation are:

  1. To achieve a natural, and more youthful facial contour
  2. To remove deep facial folds, soften excessive sagging and drooping of large wrinkles
  3. To restore a smooth jawline and elegant neck contour
  4. Freshen quality of the skin
  5. Open and refresh the eye area
  6. Elevate brow area and smooth vertical and horizontal lines on the forehead
  7. To rejuvenate facial softness by restoring volume and youthful shape

A facelift is a surgical procedure designed to remove the major folds and wrinkles that form on our faces with age. Gravity, sun damage, smoking, living in a dry climate, and a variety of factors contribute to the aging process of our faces. Facelift techniques vary from patient to patient.

A facelift will:

  • smooth out major folds and wrinkles,
  • tighten the tissues beneath your skin,
  • remove sagging and excess skin.

A facelift can also reduce excess skin around the neck and jawline.

The different types of facelifts include:

  • The mini-facelift: also known as the traditional facelift or weekend facelift. This method is ideal for patients with skin laxity but mild deep tissue sagging. This facelift only lifts and tightens the exterior skin layer.
  • Short-scar facelift: also known as the MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) facelift. This method utilizes a slightly smaller incision and lifts the skin only.
  • SMAS facelift: also known as the 2-layer facelift. This type of facelift is the most extensive and provides the best results for patients with extreme skin laxity and soft-tissue descent.


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Great experience with Nina! Always very professional and knowledgeable on all skin care inquiries and wellness in general. I trust my skin to Nina. Friendly staff. Variety of services including laser and Venus is just awesome. Thank you!

Very thorough! I have had a couple consultations at other businesses, but this place surpassedall others. Wouldn't recommend any other place. I am even driving 2 hours to get there.

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