Facial Fat Transfer

Many of us are bothered by the wrinkles and loss of tissue volume that accompany the aging process. Dr. Marko is proud to offer facial fat transfer to his patients at Enhanced Images Medical, the minimally invasive way to look more youthful and refreshed, without the risk of allergic reaction. The results of fat transfer appear natural because the treatment utilizes your own body fat – the face will not look artificially pulled or tight.

Facial fat transfer can be used to build up drooping eyebrows and soften the glabellar (lines between the eyes), fill in deep nasal labial folds, smile lines, “smoker’s lines” and camouflage sagging jowls.

Using small cannulas, Dr. Marko will collect the fat from diet resistant areas of the body harvested during liposuction surgery.  The fat is then prepared for tissue transfer with a PRP (Platelet Rich Protein) which improves the condition of the fat and accelerates the healing phase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is a candidate for facial fat transfer?

Candidates for facial fat transfer are those who want to rejuvenate a mature or thin face for a more “refreshed” yet natural look.

How is facial fat transfer performed?

Excess fat is removed from stubborn, fat pockets, treated with a special, natural protein to accelerate cell quality and post-operative healing. The fat cells are carefully re-implanted through injection.

What can a patient expect after a treatment?

After a fat transfer procedure, a patient can expect to be slightly swollen, and perhaps slightly bruised or sore. This is normal.

You will be instructed to take all of your medications on time and to keep your treatment area clean to allow for swift healing.

When can patients expect to see their facial fat transfer results?

Patients will see immediate results, but they are often skewed as swelling can alter and exaggerate. You will be able to view the true results in 3-4 months.

Are the results permanent?

It is possible to receive permanent results but, as fat is lost naturally as we age, the degree of permanency may depend on your definition of it.

To schedule a free Facial Fat Transfer consultation with Dr. Bruce Marko, (704) 295-9099 or info@enhancedimages.net.

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by Ashley Wells on Enhanced Imges Medical
My place to go for a Relaxing Facial!

Nina is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and never rushes and always makes me feel great about my skin and how to care for my skin. Her facials are more relaxing than a massage but with the bonus of a better complexion too!

by Monica Hailey Sharpe on Enhanced Imges Medical
Watch out 50!

I will be the big "50" April 2, 2017 so I decided to have smart lipo on my upper/ lower stomach, flanks and back (bra) fat! My procedure was on Tuesday December 6, 2016...here I am (9) days later already seeing results! I was terrified when I came in for my pre op appointment but Dr. Marko put me at ease...HE IS AWESOME!!! His entire staff is GREAT! My procedure went well and I am recovering good with no complications.I could not be happier! Everyday I see changes not to mention that I am down 7 pounds!I patiently awaiting for the final outcome! Watch out 50! Thanks you Dr. Marko!

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